Tonya Smith

In 2006, after visiting Napa and Sonoma Valley in San Francisco – I became passionate about viticulture and enology. In 2011, with the help of my dad, I was able to utilize a portion of our families land for viticulture and planted my first 50 vines which grew immensely to 1100 grapevines in 2016 and established Gateway Vineyard.

I began my first blog with two simple but complicated words that bugged the hell out of my friends and I was asked the repeated question…” Why Merry Nestling?”. My answer was always the same. At the end of the day, we all want to be happy and be surrounded by or snuggle with the people we love. Therefore, I decided to create an avenue to combine what I create and love – my adventures with my family and close friends, winemaking, good food, our conversations and at the end of the day takeaways. My road trips have led me to discover and observe established mom-and-pop shops, brewers and winery owner’s master their trade and the different unique lifestyles of everyday people.

One year later, I expanded my blog and teamed up with Karrie Kimbrough. I decided to change the blog name to The Modern Corner.