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Reserve a seat at Cuvee!

Reserve a seat at Cuvee!

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Cuvee: Wine Table

A Karrie Kimbrough Foodie Review

Nothing tops off the much-anticipated transition to fall like a girl’s evening out with wine and apps. Personally, I don’t need a reason to celebrate my favorite season, but girl’s night is as good time as any. I had never heard of Cuvee’ until my friend suggested we go somewhere different than the norm. Located in the east end, off Spring Hurst Blvd, it is a quaint and well-designed small wine and tapas bar in the middle of a convenient shopping area. Because they specialize in wine, cocktails, and tapas, their normal business hours are Tuesday-Fridays 4:30pm-11pm and Saturdays 4:30pm-11: 30 pm. They have a happy hour daily with various specials that are worth the visit.


We went on a Saturday evening under my friend's reservations (reservations are not required but recommended for Friday and Saturday evenings as the space is limited). However, they do have spaces to reserve for tasting parties and private events.  We were seated at a quiet table towards the window. The décor is very inviting, mainly soft blacks, and grey with dark red accent’s throughout and candlelit decorative tables. Perfect for a date night or a small gathering with friends but I wouldn’t recommend large group gatherings. However, there is a decent sized patio for the warmer months. Wine menus were already placed on the tables when we arrived.

They have one of the most extensive wine selections that I have seen here in the area. Reds, Whites, Rose’s, Moscatos, Proseccos, you name it. And a very wide variety of origins including Spanish, French, Italian, and even a wine from Greece and New Zealand!

Those were a first for me and I took the opportunity to take advantage of the happy hour special of the evening to try a half off a glass of both. The Santorini Domaine Sigalas was an interesting white from Aegean Islands Greece and was a 2016. It was a very crisp tasting wine that has a tinge of sweetness to it. Plus, it was just cool for me to try something from Greece as it is as close as I will get any time soon. I also tried a South African Chardonnay, De Wetshof “Limestone Hill”, Robertson South Africa, 2017. Very full bodied and not too bitter. It went very well with the tapas we ordered. I also was able to try a California Cambria Chardonnay. While not as fancy as the South African wine, it was delicious with excellent flavor. My friends each ordered one glass (armatures, I know). One had the Moscato d’Asti Italy (2017) and the other tried the Pinot Grigio Adeslsheim from Oregon (2016). Both had positive reviews, but honestly, have you ever had a bad Moscato?


We all ordered one tapas from the menu. I had the Crab Brochette, one friend tried the Lamb Chops, and the other the Gnocchi. This was my first time trying Gnocchi and I was very pleased. To be honest, I never tried it due to the juvenile reason of simply not liking the name. But I’m very glad I was basically forced to do so. It was house made with green bean, mushroom, cherry tomato, and spinach pesto. It was my favorite of all the tapas. The Crab Brochette that I ordered was tasty but I just had the expectation of it being a warm crab dish. It was a very good and fresh lump of crab meat with citrus and chives but served cold. Again, not a bad appetizer, just not what I expected. The lamb chop was also tasty but just nothing that stood out to either of us. I am not the best judge on lamb because it has just never been my favorite meat but the presentation like the other dishes was immaculate.


We all shared an Espresso Panna Cotta for dessert. It was delicious! But very very rich. Our only real complaint was that there were not a lot of dessert choices. But hey who’s worried about dessert when you have so many wines to taste! I would also like to mention that our waitress was phenomenal.

She was extremely sweet, attentive, and knowledgeable e about the entire menu an all of her suggestions were good ones. I will definitely be back again and recommend this place to anyone wanting to try a wonderful low key spot with an amazing wine selection and excellent atmosphere.

Happy Thanksgiving to All....I'm Thankful for Generational Grub

Happy Thanksgiving to All....I'm Thankful for Generational Grub

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