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The True Meaning of Savvy

The True Meaning of Savvy


Every person has their style – their way of expressing the personality and individuality. It doesn’t matter what style a person chooses. Some styles might look shabby, even a little horrid, but it is still a form of style because it still expresses who you are.

For me, I like to explore different styles because I want to express myself in different ways. However, the style that resonates with me the most is simple yet, classy and savvy. Indeed, that’s generally who I am – no frills, no flashy colors.
Why do I choose this style to express myself?

In my opinion, the simple yet savvy style reflects a person who has a healthy and balanced lifestyle – someone who is not only looking at his interest but also in the interest of others. A savvy and sophisticated person exudes class and elegance even in simplicity. That quiet elegance extends to the things he likes and is interested in. He has an appreciation of culture, keeps abreast with the news and current events, and is aware of what’s happening in the society.

But being savvy is not just about culture and the fine things in life. Savvy is also being confident in being yourself. That confidence causes that person to think outside the box and defy the norms of traditional convictions. He or She is not afraid of people’s opinions. What’s most important is to speak their mind and act upon their terms without caring to explain to everyone their actions, their discipline, their focus, and they move forward towards success.

Looking at all these definitions, one can, therefore, surmise that being savvy also means being intriguing in one way or another.

In this article, I have put together five people and things that I find savvy.


Read on so you will know:

Kyrzayda Rodriguez

Kyrzayda Rodriguez is a feisty 39-year old fashion blogger and a full-time mom. She started blogging in 2013 as a means of expressing herself and her style. Her blog became a resource for women who have the same passion as her. But what has cemented this half-Italian and Dominican fashion icon celebrity status was the strength and quiet resolve she is showing despite her cancer.
She has suffered extremely bad days (maybe not just days but months). She is a fighter, and she does not let cancer bring her down even when she lost a lot of hair and weight because of the chemo. In fact, she shows her defiance to the disease by doing the same things she usually does – shopping, blogging, and modeling.
That to me is the epitome of savvy as well as of quiet elegance and strength.

Skylar is an all-natural fragrance company that sells fabulously smelling yet affordable fragrances.

But what does a perfume company have to do with savvy? You might ask.
Well, many things make them savvy, three of which are their core value, their product, and their business plan.

First of all, Skylar is not just a business but also a cause. In their effort to inspire confidence not only through their products but also through the causes they support. They have partnered with Step Up, a non-profit that mentors young women from underserved neighborhoods across the country. They support them by giving 50% of their proceeds to the cause.

They’re also savvy when it comes to their products. They create products that are safe for both humans and the environment. All of their products are free from the six ingredients that are considered harmful to people and nature – parabens, sulfates, phthalates, allergens, animal-derived ingredients, and synthetic dyes.

Lastly, Skylar shows their savviness in their business plan. For as low as $20, you can purchase five different scents. After you finished using them, you have the option to have it delivered to your door again and receive a $20 credit towards your purchase. After that, the perfume costs $78, and you can have a different scent delivered to you every three months, six months or 9 months.


Aside from scents, apparel – jewelry, handbags, and shoes - is another representation of being sleek, savvy, and elegant. Apparel becomes even more appealing because of their affordability. What makes VICI a cut above the rest is despite the affordable price, it never compromises its quality.

This dedication to excellence has made this California startup into a rising star in fashion. Starting as an online shop in sunny California, VICI has evolved into a fashion line that can be found in two locations now. VICI is also one of Kyrzayda’s favorite brands, and you can often see her wearing or using some of VICI’s products in her blogs and social media accounts. VICI is now offering 50% off sale.



Tees for Bees
Everyone knows there is a serious decline of the bee population which also decreases pollination.  Many government-funded programs have offered individuals to become a beekeeper and finance the startup so the bee population will not be on the endangered species list.

Tees for Bees has come up with a cute, colorful fun approach to try to save the bees. They sell an array of t-shirts that read “Save the bees” in different sizes for all ages. They even have an ambassador program to get people involved, so word gets out on how depleted the bee population has become.




Last Bespoke Factory Men's Shoes
I'm a woman yet I want to wear a pair of their dress shoes because of their unique styles. They also have an array of styles that would fit any season or celebration. Their shoes would make any man or woman’s feet look good and classy.


 A savvy lifestyle is not about tradition. Rather, it’s about different things a person enjoys and what makes him or her unique.

Savvy Lifestyle: Tonya Smith

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