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A Man's Style is a Skill

A Man's Style is a Skill

Women are trained in the area of fashion and style when they are little girls. We get the complete guide from the first day we come into the world from our mothers, magazines, dolls etc. And granted, we may screw it up along the way by following trends but we definitely have a guide book to steer us in the right direction. Second, as women, if we find a cute top that looks good on us we buy 5 of them in different colors and will shop with a group of friends and buy clothes that don't fit and tell ourselves we will lose weight to get into it or purchase an outfit we know we will never have that one event where we called upon to wear an evening gown.

Most men do not shop with the hopes of wearing a tuxedo or buying jeans too small because he dreams of having a six-pack one day.

And as a boy, fashion and style is the last thing a parent will teach him. Most boys are taught to stand up straight, cut your hair and tuck your shirt in and that's as far as his style tutorial will go.

Over the years we have accepted the fact that a man can have style without being labeled. Once upon a time, if a man enjoyed fashion or had a sense of style his sexuality was questioned, he was "metrosexual" or considered weird.

What makes a man savvy? Is it the clothes he wears, his mental focus or his character towards other people and women or all of the above?

Be on top of your game…

" I take time and effort into how I look before I walk out the door so I expect her to do the same”

A male perspective:

" I take time and effort into how I look before I walk out the door so I expect her to do the same🤷🏾‍♂️! I’ve been on a date where once I get to her house to get her after she’s already had us running behind schedule only to have her come out of the house as if she was about to go for a jog 🏃🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♂️. I asked her politely if she could change into something else more causal. Needless to say, that was our first time and our last time going out"

Dressing well is a skill. And like any other skill, you can learn it and improve it. Most men are improving this skill and have more style than women. Some men have a lifestyle blog that makes me envious.

Most men teach themselves about fashion and style as they get older. They learn how to choose clothes that enhance the man.

It is usually another guys style and confidence he has mimicked until he has mastered his own sense of fashion savvy.
And by no means does it make him less of a man by taking notes from other men. So women, if you are reading this and start to judge - we must be honest with ourselves we do the same thing in almost every aspect of life. Some women think cosmo is a bible.

Getting into his comfort zone:

The stories we tell ourselves are often invisible barriers to keep us in our comfort zone. And a guys biggest threshold in style is getting the fit right.

Men have the tendency to wear clothes that are too big for them because it either feels more comfortable, or they just don’t know how clothes are supposed to fit in the first place or they truly don't care.

Men shop because of need, and they wear what they buy. Once the item makes it into the closet they choose their outfits based on whether or not it looks good and if it is comfortable. They consider where they are going, what other people are wearing, and what they have in their closet that works and his mood.

Men really don't follow trends:

Because they don't look good on everyone. They look good on a six-foot model who walked the runway at New York Fashion Week. A few weeks later, it is tailored to fit a celebrity so, it will be believable that the same trend will look good on an average consumer. Stylish men know their size, he knows what looks good on him. If people have complimented him in the past on his clothing he has taken note and he builds on it. He wears what makes him feel confident. A confident stylish man is his own trendsetter within reason.

Female Style:

A woman can't dress a man and expect him to have his own style. Although many women do try to style guys to fit a look she has in mind, and as much as we hate to admit it, women have to accept men are wired differently and kinetics has a lot to do with it but that's another article. However, there are many female stylist with great skills to style a man, but this is a skill a stylist has mastered.


Self-confidence doesn't just help men engage with women. It's an internal driving force for remembering who are they are and what he stands for as a man. His style and confidence is his first impression to represent himself to others. When a man is in sync with his sense of purpose, it sends a strong signal and even the clothes he wears.

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