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5 Simple Tips Towards Beautiful Glowing Skin

5 Simple Tips Towards Beautiful Glowing Skin

Image by  @auttgood

Image by @auttgood

We all hate those days when we don't have glowing skin. We begin to amp up our makeup routine by adding moisturizers to our skin, extra concealer, foundation, and a few extra dabs here and there in areas we feel could use it. Our next step is powder, a bronzer and if we are filling really frisky a finishing spray. Yes! You are looking H-O-T!!!! We think we have eradicated the problem and our skin is calling 911 for an emergency oxygen mask.

Ladies, this is not good if you want to have healthy skin. In order to have glowing skin, we have to work from the inside to the outside to have a basking glow. I love Cosmetic skin care centers they have all the best products and skin care suggestions you can't purchase in a department store or read about in a magazine. If they don't have it or can't treat your lovely skin they are definitely honest and will tell you to see a dermatologist. My favorite treatments are skin peels and microdermabrasion. Typically I get both treatments at my appointment twice a year. I have an appointment after the winter weather has to beat my skin to death and during the summer to quickly rid my skin of toxins and dead skin the summer weather was so kind to gift me. I feel it is a good investment considering, women may spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars yearly purchasing different beauty products from a department store which may or may not work.

“Skin Peel and Microderm”

I've been going to cosmectic skin care centers for years and here are a few helpful tips they have shared to rid me of the dull skin days till my next visit.

1. H20. Water is one of the best product for your skin in more ways than one. It rids your body of toxins which eventual surface in your appearance and your body needs proper hydration to function and take care of your skin. Also, if you are cleansing your skin twice a day you need water to keep your skin clean.

“rids your body of toxins which eventual surface in your appearance”

2. A non-chemical exfoliant to remove dead skin and keep wrinkles at a distance until your body says its time for fine lines. In one year the human body sheds about 8 pounds of dead skin and some of that dead skin comes from our face. We can help the process by using a dry exfoliate daily but it also depends on the sensitivity of one's skin. A dry exfoliation helps remove dead skin which may cause your skin to have a dull appearance. You can purchase a non-chemical exfoliant like a scrub, facial wash, exfoliating glove, brush or pad. I prefer the pad, it is a miracle worker on bad skin days.

My Favorite Exfoliating Products to Remove the Gunk

3. ZO Skin Health Exfoliating Polish by Doctor Zen Obagi is my favorite facial scrub. A little dab will do ya and this product goes a long way. Polish your skin 3 times a week and I can guarantee you will see results.


4. Burts Bees Facial Cleansing Oil. If we have a break out we try every product on the market to remove oil and dirt from our skin which is actually our natural oil and our skin begins to overcompensate and produce more oil and we eventually lose a healthy balance and dry out our skin which also leads to breakouts.

5. EltaMD Foaming Facial Cleanser is a gentle enzyme and amino acid blend that loosens makeup, oil, and other impurities on the skin and in the pores. It's recommended to lather your face with this cleanser for 60 seconds to see real results. I love this product. I have had to do the wash and go, the feeling and results are truly different verses washing my face for 60 seconds.

The most important factor in any beauty routine is everyone's skin is different so be sure to know your skin before emptying your wallet to look beautiful.

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