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5 Things You Should Know About A Man Vs. A Man-Child

5 Things You Should Know About A Man Vs. A Man-Child

When you dive into the world of men you must be aware there are two types of men: an actual man and a man-child. We always confuse the two and this is what leads most women down a rabbit hole and they truly never return to a normal mental state of trusting men again.

Here are 5 things you should know about seeking an actual man vs a man-child.

1. A man does not play games and is direct. He will tell you his intentions and you may not like what you hear, but you know where he stands in any capacity of a relationship. Whether it's a friendship, business or dating. He is not worried about hurting your feelings he just wants to make sure there is no misunderstanding on both sides.

A man-child's mentality is a child's mentality. He will continue to play with women’s emotions (yes, plural) and send mixed singles only to keep her in his presences. He strives for attention and will never be honest with you about his intentions.

2. A man takes the time to reflect on his life and the type of man he wants to become for his future. He puts thought into his values and a true effort in surrounding himself with like-minded people. His time is valuable, his relationships are valuable so every move is strategic.

A man-child reflects on his exterior and how people can benefit him. He will never have any interest in your future and his future plans only consist of having possessions of materialistic value and how a woman can satisfy his needs. He is only loyal to his desires and peers.

3. A man has integrity. He means what he says, and says what he means. He completes his task, he takes action and keeps his promises without unfairness.

A man-child makes promises but doesn’t follow through. He will lie in order to excuse himself from any doubt one may have of his commitment in a relationship or any promises he has made to you. He is all talk. This is only a ploy to do the things he wants to do.

4. A man is not easily swayed or compromises himself for the sake of attention or social media. He does not have time for games nor does he blame others for his life failures. He values his integrity and values people based on their character and respect for themselves.

A man-child can be easily swayed for all the wrong reasons. He has the ego of a teenage girl in all aspects of life. He will complain about life as he yearns for acceptance and validation. Everything that is going on in his life is much more important than anything you may be dealing with or too busy to talk about for the sake of listening to him whine. At times he may belittle your intentions just for selfish gratification.

“He reflects on his life and type of man he wants to become for his future.”

5. A man will make it known he wants to be with you and if he feels you are someone he wants in his life. He will pursue you. He will ask you questions to learn more about you. What is your likes or dislikes? He will want to know a little bit about your past, your family and will give you some insight into his life to see if the two of you have some type of connection.

A man-child should wear a t-shirt which reads. "It's All About Me". As far as a conversation, he will never ask, hint or imply a question which may take the attention away from him. He is a borderline narcissist and has passive-aggressive behavior. He only wants to know what you can do for him and you must hold his attention - that is the extent of the relationship. A woman will never have a satisfying relationship because he will continue his charades until he decides to walk away for someone he considers better. Indecisiveness and uncertainty will be a continual cycle in his life.

Too often, women will always choose a man-child over a man, because he exhibits everything on her checklist. He is the ultimate guy who is materialistic, will always leave her desiring more and yearning for his affection. The women who walk away from a man-child are women who know he will never change.

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