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The Men's Revolt is MGTOW

The Men's Revolt is MGTOW

Meeting an amazing man is one of the best experiences and feelings for a woman. Especially, if he thinks independently and is intelligent, also has integrity and a kind soul. He doesn’t worry about your intentions he just speaks to you as a normal human being should talk to a woman. He is respectful because sees a woman as a living creator with value. Then he gets dumped by a few women, watches YouTube and he gets F*cked up in the head for life. The man you once knew is now broken and believes in the values of Men Go Their Own Way and expresses every conversation as a fact. Guys have flocked to Men Go Their Own Way and some of the men are believing their own hype about women, whether or not, they have studied articles by scholars or talked to multiple women and men from different backgrounds about their life experiences. Welcome to the World of YouTube watchers.

You probably have heard the words, the “Red Pill” or Men Who Go Their Own Way? The #MGTOW are similar to a radical feminist group. If you have not heard of the Red Pill or Men Go Their Own Way, you must stop what you are doing and click on #MGTOW or watch the above video or just take a moment to visit a few of the popular MGTOW'ers on YouTube. This men's activist group are challenging men to open their eyes to the behavior of women and unparallel treatment towards good men in society. While there are other MGTOW men who believe that all women are evil users and a woman over the age of 31 years old is an unwanted vile creature who have procreated with numerous men or have led a life of sexual promiscuity and have taken advantage of the system and they may very well have a point.

Some MGTOW men speak of a woman's uterus as if its a used old attic with spider webs and diseases. A woman in her 30's, 40's or older have hit a wall and is not worth being loved, in a relationship or marriage. And, if by the grace of the universe she becomes pregnant her pregnancy will cause health issues that she will have to live with the remainder of her life. Well, this is what YogiOabs and other MGTOW profess. They basically tell men if a woman does not give birth to a child in her twenties that it's likely for her to have pregnancy complications and a child born with a birth defect. Apparently, their research on women’s health is over a decade old because they have totally missed the mark. “Published in the Lancet, researchers at the University of São Paulo in Brazil removed a uterus from a 45-year-old woman who died from a brain hemorrhage and had had three children. The organ was transplanted into a 32-year-old woman” - Stat. The 32-year-old woman was able to conceive with the 45-year-old woman's uterus and embryo's and gave birth to a healthy baby girl. In some cases, the male ego can be so inflated that men often forget about genetics, they have an X and Y chromosome and a woman's body is a host and it takes both sexes to produce a child. If we can open our minds for a moment to consider the possibility that maybe, just maybe the male sperm may carry a genetic defect and fertilizers a woman's egg then a woman may be carrying the consequences of a man's seed which may cause a health risk to her body and their baby.


“Birth defects, childhood cancer, and miscarriages have all been linked to the health of a father's sperm.”

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, men have A Lot to do with women becoming pregnant and birth defect. There are numerous studies to prove it. If a man is younger than 35 years of age, there is a greater risk of infertility. According to United States Government Research, “In contrast, the fertility rate in men younger than age 30 years has decreased by 15%.4 The idea that robust fertility for a man will continue well past a woman’s decline in fertility is untrue.”, this was written by Isiah D Harris, MD, Carolyn Fronczak, [...], and Randall B Meacham, MD for Urology Medical Review. This is just one of many studies, and I will graciously provide other links below.

After reading different articles on infertility in men I dug a little deeper into the issue because men have been so kind as to express their YouTube theories about infertility in aging women. I thought I would do a little research on Erectile Dysfunction in younger men. “The American Medical Association (AMA) estimates that more than 30 million men in the US experience ED. And they expect that number to double by 2025, largely due to the fact that erectile dysfunction is affecting more and more guys in their 20’s and 30’s. ED in your 20’s is becoming more common, and that can signal some serious health risks to a growing number of young men.”, this study was printed by the medical doctors at Impatient.

A myth that has plagued mothers to blame themselves for years, Birth Defect.

I thought I would save the best for last. A myth that has plagued mothers to blame themselves for years, Birth Defect. The main ingredient in order for a woman to conceive is Sperm. Could it be an actual fact that a man's sperm can cause a birth defect? The answer is Yes. The NHS website (www.nhs.uk) is the UK's biggest health website with more than 43 million visits per month. They strive to be a world-leading health information service putting people at the heart of everything they do. The website is funded by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC). NHS published an article stating, “The researchers say that past research has shown that a father's age has a significant effect on a child's characteristics and the likelihood of them having congenital abnormalities. Some studies have linked increasing paternal age (over 40 or so years) with higher rates of conditions like autism and schizophrenia. Others have observed increased rates of birth abnormalities, such as heart defects, musculoskeletal abnormalities, and Down's syndrome.”

The University of Utah Department of Health published a study by doctors stating, “How they are transcribed to make proteins, that's how they're working, and that's changed. But we always thought that men just provided genetic material with sperm. A sperm was a sperm, and all it did was deliver a man's DNA to the egg. Now, in research that has been building up over the past several years, we are beginning to see the genes encoded in sperm can be modified by the environment in which they were developing, meaning, in the guy. And those modifications may affect the developing child.” In addition to many studies, the online magazine, Parenting, published “Birth defects, childhood cancer, and miscarriages have all been linked to the health of a father's sperm. Here's what dads-to-be need to know about the role they play in their unborn children's health.” The article was written by Gurney Williams III who writes and lectures frequently on health and science issues and has included factual studies over the years to back up his articles. And this is the issue I have with a few MGTOWs, they present airborne opinions instead of giving viewers facts on Men's issues in a world of feminist.

Image Source: Traveler.

Image Source: Traveler.

Some of the topics by the proclaimed MGTOW are interesting and can provide some insight into how we as women behave around men for their attention as well as, the abuse men truly suffer in society at the hand of shallow women and radical feminist. However, some MGTOW, not all of them can be as equally shallow. Most of their discussions always lead back to their SMV also known as, their sexual market value, a woman's physical appearance or how a women over the age of 31 years old or older is a societal misfit who has hit “The Wall” because she lived her life under the feminist regime and they feel many women would have never decided to be single and enjoy her life. As a result of MGTOW, many good men who have been hurt by women or cannot meet beautiful women in their 20's with a hot body because of social criteria; They are blaming all women. In reality, shallow behavior equals shallow behavior and when a responsible and mature man seeks a partner based on shallow thoughts one cannot complain about the outcome. MGTOW and The Red Pill population is hanging on to every word of YogiOabs, Alexander Grace and many others, who are in relationships or just reject women for pleasure and reject the media to gain popularity. By the way, some women have swallowed the Red Pill too. In my opinion, this is just a way for men and a few women to say they are tired of being a “Basic Bitch”, which is something I will always applaud. And I will always support a Men's Rights Movement, but some of MGTOW’s men only by title, provide misguided information and turn a cause into a circus. Which a few popular MGTOW channels do by discussing women's health, female beauty options and what women should look for in a relationship. So many men are in a vulnerable state due to shallow women and radical feminist. Men have lost something much greater than materialistic possessions they are losing an entitlement that was giving to them at birth, which is being a man and his integrity. Many women will argue #Metoo and Toxic Masculinity but toxic behavior happens in both genders and studies show toxic behavior in women is a result of how she was treated by her mother. The Men’s Right’s movement needs concrete facts and rational support. Their organization needs support and respect, especially from women. The same type of respect feminist demand and The Men's Rights Movement is not getting support from society.

Contempt for the opposite sex is growing at an alarming rate. Many men and women look to YouTube channels for information, which most of the videos are based on biased thoughts, but they tell their viewers they are providing facts. Thanks to radical behavior by men and women, both genders are embracing a bigoted mentality and disconnecting from a healthy perspective for the opposite sex.

Here are a few articles from Scholars, Physicians, Researchers who have studied topics Radical Feminist and Men Go Their Way discuss.

Pregnancy Links: Pregnancy Outcomes in Women of Advanced Maternal Age: a Retrospective Cohort Study from China, Pregnancy Over 40 Statics; USA Today, The Open Nursing Journal, 8 Myths About Pregnancy After 40; First For Women, Oxford Journal Studies & Research

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Male Infertility: Mayo Clinic https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/low-sperm-count/symptoms-causes/syc-20374585, Urology Med Reviews https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3253726/, Male Fertility MD https://www.malefertility.md/blog/should-men-in-their-20s-care-about-fertility

Erectile Dysfunction: Erectile dysfunction in fit and healthy young men: psychological or pathological? Erectile Dysfunction is on the Rise (and it’s getting younger) What's to Know About Erectile Dysfunction

Other Articles to read:

Abuse in Genders: Violent Women; Sage Journal, A Review of Research on Women’s Use of Violence With Male Intimate Partners, Prevalence and Characteristics of Sexual Violence, Stalking, and Intimate Partner Violence Victimization; CDC, Sexual Assault of Men and Boys, Men Face Sexual Harassment, Daughters of Unloving Mothers, Toxic Patterns in Daughters As A Result of Her Mother

Dating Statics: Attitudes, migration patterns, availability of partners and education are all factors of interracial and interethnic marriages, Facts Mixed-Race Marriages, Biased Attitude Toward Interracial Relationships Among College Students: Race, Class, Gender, and Perceptions of Parental Views, Women Uses Indirect Aggression As Intrasexual Competition , The Red Pill Acronyms, MGTOW Glossary

Additional Articles: Unpacking the influence of Western beauty standards, Are millennial men rejecting manhood, Jordan Peterson, Thinking, Shallow and Deep, Women's Unrealistic Goals for Men

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