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Interpersonal Relationships: Space Entitlement 

Photo: Christina Kopeke

He KNEW someone was in a rush behind him. He KNEW he was in the way. He did not care. And the lady simply accepted it. She just waited until the moving walkway had come to an end and continued rushing on her way. Why do we do this? Why do we allow certain people, white/black; men/women to control our personal space and comfort? And why do they feel they have that right? 

The Men's Revolt is MGTOW

Image Source: Radical Critique

Some of the topics by the proclaimed MGTOW are interesting and can provide some insight into how we as women behave around men for their attention as well as, the abuse men truly suffer in society at the hand of shallow women and radical feminist. However, some MGTOW, not all of them can be as equally shallow.

"On The Streets of Paris"...James Baldwin

Bigotry is always revealed in the comments on topics about race, politics or gender and conclude with I have a Black friend, White friend, Latino friends, a Gay friend and so on. People use the ‘I have a fill in the blank as needed friend” statement, as though they are playing monopoly and by saying they associate with a certain ethnicity, political party or supports the LGBT community, then they should receive a Get Out of Jail card for their bias comment.

Let's Change Up the Conversation

Men’s blogs and magazines, on the other hand, give tips on working out, proper diet, dating, etc. The content is more general and less gender-specific compared to women’s blogs and magazines that purposefully write content where only women can relate to.